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Leonardtown, Maryland


1948 5-Window Deluxe 3100 1/2-Ton Chevy

Owned by

Paul Schmehl
Bolter # 167
Richardson, Texas

05 March 2008 Update

From Paul :

          Late last year I began a major overhaul of my truck. When the truck is done, it will be "complete" (as if any of these are ever fully complete!).

          A few of the things I have done or am still finishing up:

  1. Rebuild the motor and put in a mild cam
  2. Install air conditioning
  3. Rebuild the two one barrel carbs, polish the Offy intake manifold and set up the dual carb intake system
  4. Powder coat and install the Fenton headers and convert to dual exhaust
  5. Install electronic ignition
  6. Rewire the truck from front to back
  7. Rig up a reservoir for the brake fluid and plumb it to feed into the master cylinder, which is underneath the truck, mounted to the frame, on the driver's side.
  8. Install a dead switch off of the battery
  9. New window glass
  10. New interior
  11. The bed completely re-done

          All the changes are too many to list in one place. When it's all done, I'll have an air conditioned cruiser that can run 65 all day in air conditioned comfort and hopefully generate WOWS! from the crowd in Kansas City this September at the Annual Stovebolt Reunion.

          The new pics show shots of the cab and frame (above) and of my gorgeous motor [ this side - and that side ] so you can see the quality of the work that's being done.

27 December 2000

From the Baldeagle hisself!

         Hold on to your hats! Sit down and calm your heart!! I'm finally sending you pictures of my truck!!! :-)

           It's a 1948 Chevy 5-window deluxe (chrome grille and front bumper) 3100 (1/2-ton) Chevrolet. Came out of the Kansas City plant in January of 1948. The paint is the original Brewster Green, but I'm pretty sure it'll be something else when I'm done with it.

           The guy I bought it from drove it to my house, with me riding shotgun. After I discovered how bad the brakes were, I couldn't believe he actually drove the thing! There were no rear brakes at all, and you had to pump them pretty good to get the fronts to work! The emergency brake didn't work at all! But the motor ran great! (It's a 235 out of a 53 Chevy car.) The only problem we had was the fuel filter clogging. We had to stop three times to clean it out before we finally made it to my house!

           The truck was bone stock (except the motor and conversion to 12 volts), and all the sheet metal is still in great shape. Nothing rusted out, and no parts that have to be replaced. Every time I look at the prices of the sheet metal alone, I remind myself what a good deal I got. I bought this truck for $2800, as is.

           So far, I've rebuilt all the wheel cylinders, replaced all the brake springs, put new shoes on the front, new stainless brake line from the rear axle to the T on the right side, new emergency brake cables, new front wheel bearings, flushed and sealed the gas tank, new stainless fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump. I put an electric wiper conversion kit on it and replaced the wiper arms with stainless arms and new blades. I tuned it up, put temporary rear lights on it and replaced all the bushings on the original single action lever shocks (only one was bad.)

           I've removed the box from the back (the bed wood was completely gone) and wire brushed, cleaned and treated (with Metal Ready) the rear half of the chassis and coated it with POR 15. Then I painted the chassis with POR 15 Chassis Black paint.

           I've already driven the truck down to the gas station to get some gas. As soon as I finish the engine work, I'll get it inspected. Then it will be a daily driver.

           First, I'll show you pictures. These are just thumbnails. I'll have larger pictures on my site. But I'll attach one full size shot for the gallery. (I'm attaching the left side shot, since that best represents what it looked like when I bought it.)

           And for the curious, yes, that is a special order, aftermarket bumper that was bought with the truck when it was new (and yes, I am keeping it). It actually bolts through the rear fenders! The braces are 1/2 thick steel. It would take one heck of a whack to bend the thing! There's a hole for a trailer ball on a flange in the center of the bumper, so I'll be able to tow any trailer queens that get stranded.

           I'll get a web page up one of these days so y'all can see the whole process of tearing it apart and putting it back together again. Right now, it's in the "almost running" stage, because I'm switching from the stock intake/exhaust setup to an Offy dual one barrel carb and Fenton dual headers setup. Once I get that done, I'll get the truck inspected and start driving it to work. The rest will come later.

Paul Schmehl
The Stovebolt Geek


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