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1954 GMC Suburban


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14 April 2005

From Sigi: 

      Hi there! Wow found you guys -- and love to show off my baby! We have been through a lot together.

      I call her Trudy after my Mom (Nortrud). Since the first time I looked at that truck, I knew "That's mine."

      Got my 1954 GMC Suburban way back when I was 16. Snuck it out into a farmer's fields in Saskatoon without my license to test drive. My brother stood there the first time I looked under the hood and said "See this? It's called a radiator. There's water in there to cool the engine. That there is the engine ..."

      It was making sense to me. Nice and simple.

      Over the years MANY, MANY people have showed me more and now I'm a bit of a stinker about letting anyone touch my baby.

      In 27 years we have had many a breakdowns. Poor truck with her Mini-mouse mechanic. If I had the dough, I'd shower that truck with gifts til it is the happiest truck in the world. For now, we just keep trucking along.


Sigrun Schlosser
Kelowna, BC

      Sigi, I'd have to say this truck is already the happiest truck in the world -- it's got you -- and you've got enough enthusiam for a fleet of Stovebolts! ~~ Editor

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