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1950 Chevrolet Big Bolt

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13 March 2006
# 1472

From Dale:

         Hello. I have been a fan of the older trucks most of my life. I prefer the mid '50s GMC 250 and up but when a guy came into our Body shop wanting to know if he could park an old truck in our lot to sell, I asked a few questions. Then the boss told him we didnít allow people to do it. I asked how much and if I could go look at it. Half hour later, I paid him $300 and went to get the tow truck from work and asked if I could park my new truck there for awhile (that was last spring).

         I am planning on fixing it up to good useable shape and keep it. She ran and the hoist worked when I tried it the first week I had it. Then I had problems with fuel starvation. The fuel bowl would run dry or almost. I figured it was in the tank. So out it came and was clean as could be. That's about as far as I've gotten.

         I am planning on upgrading the engine and adding power brakes and steering. I would like to shrink the flatbed a little to -- it seems oversized. I have more pictures on my website.


Dale Schaefer
Bolter # 5996
Southeastern Washington State

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