Cory Schaak's

1953 Chevy 6400 Delivery Truck

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18 December 2006
# 1746

From Cory :

           I have recently gotten this 1953 Chevy 6400 with a 235 c.i.d engine and a four speed tranny. The box on back was used for pluming equipment. I came to that conclusion from piping and pencil markings on the inside walls of the box.

           The inside of the cab was not robbed of any thing, all parts are there and in working order. The truck came to mine because the brother-in-law who owned it had no way to move to his home. So he offered it to me and I said, "Heck yeah! Gime ... gime ... gime!"

           Once I gained ownership I had to get the wheels from the Father-in-law 'cause he was part owner with the brother-in-law. Two weeks later and $300 to have it moved 60 miles, it showed up at my home in Norwood, Minnesota. Then three weeks later, I found a front half of an identical truck (like someone had chopped it after the cab) in a town near here. I talked to the owner and offered him $200 to take what I needed off the cab. He turned and said "For that, take the whole thing and 5 rims and tires also."

           So now I have a truck and a doner! So, if any body needs a part I don't need, let me know and I will look.

Cory Schaak
Bolter # 12739
Norwood, Minnesota

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