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1942 Chevy 3/4-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Jordi Sawa
Bolter # 20627
Melville, Saskatchewan

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

22 March 2010
# 2771

More pictures of my old truck

From Jordi :

I just thought I would tell everyone about my latest truck purchase. It is a 1942 Chevrolet 3/4-ton Art Deco. It has the original 216 and 4-speed tranny in it.

I am working on getting the truck running right now. I am getting lots of help with this truck from fellow "Stovebolters" and it is very helpful.

Here is my story of getting this truck:

About two years ago, before I had most of my other projects (see below), I decided that I really wanted an old Chevy truck to fix up. I was born and raised to love Chevys! Well, I fell in love with the old Art Deco trucks (they are my favorite) and decided that was what I had to have.

About a week later, me and a buddy went to a Swap Meet and I saw this old 3/4-ton Art Deco Chevy sitting on a flat bed trailer with a for sale sign in the window. I was so excited I could hardly dial the phone number on the for sale sign. This excitement quickly disappeared when the owner told me his asking price (way over my budget).

When I went home, I was determined to find an Art Deco truck, just like the one at the Swap Meet. I put a wanted ad out on a local site and believe it or not, I got an email from the guy at the Swap Meet saying he has this truck -- but it was still the same -- out of my budget price. Even though this price was out of my budget, I decided I would try everything to get the money and buy this truck. I kept in touch with the seller for quite a while, but eventually realized I could not scrape up enough money. I had to let the truck go.

About a year and a half later, I put my 1955 Chevy shortbox up for sale on the same site I had previously posted my wanted ad. Sure enough I get an email from the seller at the Swap Meet saying he would trade me his 1942 Chevy 3/4-ton for my 1955 Chevy truck.

I desperately wanted to take the trade, but really needed the money and had to let the truck go again. This was an extremely hard decision to make and really crushed my hopes of ever owning this old '42.

Well, over the time I was trying to get this old 3/4-ton, I bought an old 1946 Chevy shortbox, or what is left of one. When I posted a wanted ad for a grille on a different site than usual, I get an email from a completely different guy from before saying he had a 1942 Chevy 3/4-ton for a very reasonable price. I emailed him back asking for pictures not even thinking this could be the 3/4-ton I was trying to get for so long. But when the seller emailed me some pictures, I realized instantly that this was the truck!

I found out that the man had gotten this truck on trade from the previous owner and he was now selling it for what he thought it was worth. I called this man immediately and worked out a deal. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting the truck I thought I lost several times. I had tears in my eyes I was so excited.

A week later (Saturday, February 13 to be exact) me and my Dad went and picked up the old girl. Right now, she is sitting in our garage while I am working on getting her running again.


Jordi has several trucks in the Stovebolt Gallery: a 1942 Chevy 3/4-Ton; a 1955 Chevy Stepside Shortbox; a 1946 Chevy 2-Ton and a 1950 Chevy Shortbox 4 x 4. ~ Editor


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