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A Cool Old Truck

Kevin Savage's

1953 Chevy 1/2-ton

5 March 2002

From Kevin:

     Hi. This is a picture of me and my Dad's project truck. It's a 1953 Chevy 1/2-ton pick-up. It is totaly rust free and as original as possible. The interior is mostly original and is furnished with red oak with a golden oak stain. The pickup is also done in similiar wood but with 4 coats of clear coat laquer. The tires are rolling on Cregar mags and the bottom paint is Chevy Torque Red -- the paint is like $200 a quart =) so we buy it whenever I get my paycheck =)

     Still alot of work to do (finish paint, get the Cregars to match, a Gibson split exhaust, and some odds and ends) We are planning to show the truck in local show (modified show class) but we must finish her first.

     Thanks for your time and I hope ya post my babe. I will also mail you some of my new projects

Your Friend,


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