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A Cool Old Truck

Aaron Sanchez's

1949 Chevy Thriftmaster Panel

08 November 04

From Aaron:

Hello John and Peggy,

          My name is Aaron Sanchez. I am the owner of this 1949 Chevy Triftmaster Panel. I picked this up from my Father (God rest his soul) 20 years ago.

          As a kid, I drove the blazes out of this truck. I burned out the straight six that it came with and installed a V8 350. The panel has taken more the 15 years to bring back to life. I had to feed the kids first and then buy some white walls. As of today, I am still putting money into my life's enjoyment.

          As I get older, I only bring it out about two times a month. The human kids are out of the house, but my favorite is still with me. Everything is almost done, but just when you think it is finished, I always want to put more into it. I think any Chevy truck owner can relate to that.

          Thanks to your website I can show it off without driving it. Not much fun sitting in the back yard. But it sure looks and runs darn good.

          My stovebolt name is The Traveler and if any Q&A's come up, please feel free on contacting me . There is not enough money in the world to take this one off my hands. I will be buried in it when I die.

Your friend,
Aaron Sanchez
East Los Angeles CA
The Traveler

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