Chad Samuelson's

1954 Chevrolet 3100

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02 August 2005

From Chad Man: 

       Hey! I am seventeen years old with a part time job and about every penny goes to my 1954 Chevrolet 3100 and it is just awesome. I saw your large gallery of people and I wanted to join the club. If you give any awards, I may get the youngest owner award or something.

       I bought the truck MYSELF at age 15 and a half. It was not originally like this. I have some pictures of it when it was at its worst.

       At the moment, I have my original 235 ripped out and it is being re-built, including getting bored out and new cam and crank shafts. I also am going to split my exhaust and put a glasspack on it. I ripped the old wood out of my bed and am replacing it myself. I know you can buy it in catalogues but its a lot cheaper if you do it yourself. If you are unable to find a good catalogue, there is an outfit located in Orange, California called Chevy Truck Shop and they have reasonable prices. They are a lot cheaper than Brothers, I found out. There is only one thing you cannot find in their catalogue -- the spare tire mount.

       This is a picture of my truck in our school parking lot.




Lakeport, California

P.S. Respond to me if you can find a spare tire mount for a '54 Chevy because I can't find one.

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