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1946 Chev 1-Ton

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Floyd Sample
Bolter # 18821
Truro, Nova Scotia
05 January 2009 Update
# 2421

Going Home: The Trek across Canada

From Floyd :

Well the old 1946 Chev 1 ton made the long trip home to Nova Scotia. The entire trip took 10 or 11 days. It could have been shorter but we took advantage of the chance to visit some people along the way.

We ran the truck thru a construction zone with a radar set up to show your speed. We were going 63 kph. It's a good thing we had a 45 gallon drum for a fuel tank in back.

The truck ran great. We had a carb problem in Saskatoon, but the hills around the lake from Thunder Bay ON were pretty hard on the clutch.

We went thru a lot of oil, but most of it was leaking out of the rear main seal. Everywhere we stopped, we left a little puddle on the pavement.

I started out from Peace River by myself and went as far as Slave Lake AB the first day. I visited with a friend and then went on to Edmonton the next day.

From there, a friend joined me to help with the driving. Our next stop was Lloydminister SK, then Saskatoon. Then we drove right thru the night and stopped next in Dryden ON.

Our next day was a short one. We went to Thunderbay and stopped there so my friend could visit someone. Then around the lake to Sault ST Marie. When we left the Sault, we drove for 30 hours and stopped in Edmunstun NB early in the afternoon. That was a hard leg! We ordered Chinese food and a couple dozen beer and relaxed.

The following morning, we set out for Nova Scotia.

During the whole trip, we only had a few people who were upset that we had slowed them down. Most people were blowing their horns and giving us thumbs up. Harley drivers would pull along side of us and yell, "Nice truck, man!"

The police only stopped us twice and that was because we had no plate -- but we had an in-transit permit on the window. I had built a plywood box around my 45 gallon drum fuel tank. One officer looked at the box and said, "I'm hoping that is your lunch box in there; you have a long way to go. Drive safe and have a nice day."

It was a hard drive and guys I work with thought I was nuts for driving the truck home and not shipping it but it was fall and a good time of year for a drive. And now my friend and I have bragging rights -- we drove a 1946 Chev across most of Canada -- and we made it!


Wow! Driving across "most of Canada" in a 60+ year old truck is a real feat!  You've got bragging rights, alright! ~ Editor

10 September 2008
# 2421

From Floyd :

        I bought this 1946 Chev 1-ton at an auction for a truck museum that was closing in Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada. I always wanted a 1946 but I didn't think I could afford this. Dare I say ... so I was looking at a 1948 Ford. The Chevy went on the block first so I figured I would give it a go. It was a little over my price range but I figured I'd never get another chance like this. My hands were shakin' so bad I wondered if the auctioneer would be able to read the number on my card.

        This Art Deco truck [ pix ] is in pretty good shape. It still has a 6 volt system, 216 engine. It needs some mechanicals. So, I've been doing some mechanical work on it so I can drive it home to Nova Scotia by October 1st. (I am at work in Alberta and will be driving it home to Nova Scotia in October when my contract is completed.) I have been working on it in the evenings to get it road worthy. It is 3374 miles from work to my home town, and I can't wait to get started. I hope she treats me well.

        The brakes even work ok. The parking brake works. The steering is a little loose but not too bad. It starts great. Here's a picture of the dash.

        I adjusted the valves and replaced the cover gasket. The engine is pretty dry of oil now. The oil pressure is pretty low but from what I can find out, that is quite common on this style engine.

        I went for a little test drive last week. It seems like 45- 50 mph will be the pace for 3,000 miles.

        My plan is to drive the old truck for a year or two and then do a frame off restoration. I want to re-do the wood in the box this winter.

        This web site is great. I was referred here by Tim S and I am looking forward to spending some poking around. There's a wealth of knowledge and information. Lots of good photos. I think it will be a great help and I am sure I will find that the members are a good resource! I look forward to talking to them!

        Thanks for the kind remarks about the site. There is a wealth of info ... and it comes from the Stovebolters! We have a real sharing bunch here! You're in a good crew with the '46! ~ Editor


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