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Cool Old Truck

Chris Sammartino's

'66 Van

01 April 01

We got this note and thought it was worth passing on. We did ask Chris for a "complete picture" but we haven't heard back from him yet -- editor

Hi Gang,
I want to point out that the picture of Chris Sammartino's 66 van in your Alternative Gallery is, in fact, either a Chevy or a GMC (hard to tell without seeing the emblem on the front). Now, being a van, I don't know if it qualifies as a Stovebolt, but I also have to question whether it deserves to be stuck in the south 40 with those "other" vehicles! It also looks like he's done a real nice job restoring it - I wonder if he has a better picture of it that shows the whole truck? I drove one of these baby's for many years and have regretted letting go of it since... As always, I sure enjoy this site - especially now that my '46 is starting down the road to resurrection! Rob Phillips

From Chris


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