Gene Salvaterra's

1956 Chevy 3200 1/2-Ton

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11 August 2005

From Gene: 

Oh Revered Bolters,

       These are "as is" pics of our 1956 3200 (my 22 year old son's first ride) on the day it followed us home for $100. No engine except for the big block in the bed and the "275 HP" 327 in the engine bay that the previous owners says he wants and will pick up. We'll see if he does. After a while, possession is 9/10ths of the law, right? [wink-wink]

       No trans or radiator either.

       It is a Nevada desert truck with NO RUST in the usual spots and is mostly complete. I think it was a heck of a deal and even the LOML (Love of My Life) thinks it's OK and didn't freak out as I expected her to.

       My son and I plan to work on it together. We will post more as the progress continues.

Thank you,

Gene Salvaterra and Gene Salvaterra, Jr.
Las Vegas, NV

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