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1939 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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18 September 1999
The Second Stovebolt on this site!

From: Keith:

       This is some of my 1939 Chevy 1/2 ton pick-up. My son (the one in the picture) and I are restoring it to stock condition. The truck is an Ohioan as far as I can find out. The guy I bought it from had it 15 years and other than having it pulled apart never touched it. He bought from a guy that had also stored it for 16 years and never did anything to it so any work that has been done on it is at least 30 years old. The bed metal is in great shape so I don't think anyone ever hauled stone or wood in it. It is all original and looks it. Almost sixty years can be cruel to paint and chrome. It has the original 216 motor and that will need a complete overhaul. The interior is all there and even includes an old Firestone heater.

       In the winter of 1996 a friend of mine, who knew I was very interested in old trucks told me that an old truck that he had taken apart 12 years ago was available. I checked into it and found that the truck was a 39 Chevy 1/2 ton and in need of a total restoration. It was about half taken apart and in need of a complete re-facing. Someone had worked the front fenders years ago and had tried some kind of lead and brazing work on the back fenders. I bought the truck and took it to my friends farm for storage (only fitting that I should store it there since he got me going on it).

       Since I started on it I have wire welded (patched) the rear fenders and running boards then blasted and primed them. I have also primed a few other odd parts such as the front nose and floor boards. I had hopes to pull the cab off this last fall and bring it to my garage for a winter project but other things have kept me too busy. I'm quickly learning that to ever stand a chance at getting this truck done means that I need to stop alot of other activities. I have set the fourth of July in the year 2000 as the completion date and I hope I'm not rushing it.

       This is my first time at a restoration so if anyone has suggestion please let me hear from you. I'm a paint Chemist by trade so most of that topic I've got covered. I'll send more pictures when I get something done to show off.


       Been awhile since I wrote you but so I thought I'd bring you up to date on my restoration.

       I'm working on the Cab this winter in my garage. Stripped it down completely and have been wire wheeling down the parts and taking them to work and priming and painting them. Most of the cab is in good shape other than totally covered in surface rust. I have had to wire weld on one door but nothing major.

       Hard to stay busy with the cold and darkness each night but I got a light stand from my daughter for christmas that has two 500 watt halogen lights and it not only gives off great light but I get some heat from it too.

       I hope to finish off the cab by spring and then do on the back box in the summer.

Take care,

Keith Salter

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