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Matt Salkeld's

1940 Chevy Combo

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17 July 2000

From Matt:

      Hi again!

      I got the truck back to B.C. in almost one piece. (I went through a bad storm in Haige, Sask. that ripped my wiper arm off.)

      I put about 2000 miles on the odometer too.

      Not bad for being licenced a week and a half. I ended up making it back for the A.T.H.S. Truck show in Duncan B.C. (the 15th and 16th) and talked to others about Canadian vin #'s.

      As it turned out, the truck is a mixture of many models, which included a '40 2-ton frame, cab, hood and grille; a '40 1.5-ton box; 3/4-ton running boards off a '46; '40 1/2-ton fenders on the front; '39 1/2-ton fenders on the back.

      The color I chose for it also turned out great, not a shade off the original (apart from being slightly mettalic). This pic was taken after the show at Arrow Cycle in Duncan (like Dad's chopper?). So far it looks good but it's far from done (are they ever?) and immidiate plans include rims and tires (which are in the mail) and how to figure out how to get my door ferrules in without scratching the paint (and without ordering an expensive tool from down south that I might use twice every decade).

Mill Bay,
BC Canada

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15 June 2000

      We asked Matt what this 1940 was. Here's his response. ~ Editor

       I believe the body is 1.5- or 2-ton, but the fenders, running boards and box are 1/2-ton (we ran into a couple problems mating things up but it's all good now). Canadian vehicle numbers are different than the US. Plates as well, so I couldn't figure out the vin stuff.

      The plate off the 1/2-ton Chevy read: model: 14-24; serial: 0142404509; engine: 2809624; body serial: 4342; trim: 278; paint: 30. If memory serves me correct it also said that it was from Regina, Saskatchewan


June 2000

      Thought I'd send some before and during pics of my '40 after checking out the site, looks good.

      The truck will be a driver so we decided to "upgrade" to a 350, disk brakes and newer suspension (thanks to a Chevy wagon).

      With a bit of luck the truck should be on the road in July.

Matt Salkeld
Mill Bay,
BC Canada

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