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1953 Chevy 3100

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19 March 2007
# 1888

From Tom :

           Here are some photos of the truck that I have been messin' with for the last 21 years. As you can see I have made some improvements here and there. Disc brakes (cuz I'm chicken), A/C (cuz I'm old and it is hot in Texas). I used to say that a truck that is this cool don't need A/C but that saying and me both got old.

           I've added overdrive transmission (cuz gas is priced by greedy morons). I ran my exhaust pipes straight out the back with Smitty mufflers. It sounds great. I crossed over just behind the oil pan ahead of the fly wheel. This gives access to the transmission and clutch assembly if needed. The only time you might need to disconnect the pipe is if you need access to the lower end of the engine or to drop the oil pan, and how often is that necessary?

           I have a 1954 235 in my '53. That engine has a short shaft water pump that allows the clearance for the fan. My radiator shroud was cut prior to me owning the truck and I had a heck of a time finding one that was not hacked up.

           I've got my Stovebolt Topper on my Texas plate! And this is a shot of the interior.

           I am currently building a steamer trunk out of oak to match the bed wood. I plan on bolting it down in the back, kind of like a tool box of sorts. I'll send pictures of that when I finish it to add to the gallery.

           You folks have been a big help in having this web sight and I am glad I found it many years ago. I am also grateful for the trophies that you folks bestowed upon me at last years truck meet in Kansas City. (Tom is standing right behind Peggy in this picture.) They now proudly hang in the garage next to the flyer. I hope that I can make that K.C. run again.

Thanks again,

Tom Ryan
"235 Fat Fenders"
Bolter # 3817
Arlington, Texas

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