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Cool Old Truck

Steve Ryan's

'RED' 1969 LWB 1/2ton Stepside

12 September 02  

From Steve

I am the President of VCT of PA (Vintage Chevy Trucks or Pennsylvania) and I submit a picture of my truck called "Red."

I bought it for $200 with a cracked frame. After hours of welding and straightening, I got a vehicle that is pretty straight. It originally had a 6 cylinder but when that motor got tired I found a nice 400 small block.

I drove the truck daily back and forth to work with the 400 until #8 cylinder went. I spent the winter rebuilding the engine. The 30 over 10:1 pistons went to racing heads, ported and polished, to a very nice induction and ignition system.

This truck now just flat out flys!!  Eats 5.0 Mustangs for lunch. It makes the runs to the feed and mulch stops go much much quicker. The trucks in VCT of PA are work trucks. They can be seen loading plywood, mulch and manure. Red has been known to pull stumps!! We'll dirty them on Friday and Show'Em on Saturday!!!!

We take great pride in the restoration, use and continuance of these great workhorses and showpieces.

Steve Ryan
President VCT of PA

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