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Cool Old Truck

Larry Rozsonits'

1952 RED 3600 Longbed

7 September 02

From Larry

Please accept my entry to the Stovebolt Gallery, my favorite web site to visit. Matilda is a 1952 3600 Chevy. She has a 235 four spd. We bought the truck from a friend for $700, he wanted it out of his driveway. We put it on a car dolly to get it home, pulled it into the garage with a lawn tractor and three people pushing from behind. We replaced all the steering parts, put in a battery, tuned it up a bit and... it started!

Rubbed it out with some rubbing compound and waxed it, added a little chrome here and there and this is Matilda, our A.D. project truck.

Thank you,
Larry Rozsonits
University Place

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