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Cool Old Truck

Michael Rowlett's


1-1/2 Ton Flatbed

20 September  03  

From Michael, 

This is my 1944 Chevrolet 1.5 ton

I got this truck from my wife's (Kristi) grandfather (Bean).  The truck was purchased new in 1944 on a government ration stamp - the purchaser ran a windmill installation and repair business in Ft. Stockton Texas, out in the desert, so the need for water was great enough that they granted the truck to the company.  After the war, the original owner sold the truck to Kristi's Great Grandfather Smetak, he owned and drove the truck throughout his life until he (and the truck) died in 1975.  It was parked on the family farm until now.

Back in the 50's Grandpa Bean put a later model rear axle and improved the springs, basically converting it to a 2 ton, using a 52' 2 speed rear axle and more springs in the rear suspension.

This will be a long restoration but it should be fun!

Michael D. Rowlett (fahr)




Curator "Michael, great looking old truck - looks like the Texas desert has been good to it!"

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