Norm and Chris Rourke's

1936 Chevy -- Two of them!

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19 June 2006
# 1567 and 1568

From Norm:

           Here is a picture of a nice pair of '36's that my son (Chris) and I just purchased. One is an early model flat cab and the other is a late model with the rounded cab.

           We don't have a lot of history on these two trucks yet. The early model is from Loon Lake Sask. The engine runs but needs the hoses, belts, radiator, and the driveshaft installed to get the truck moveable under its own power.

           The late model '36 is from the States. The owner was going to use it for parts.

           Both these trucks will end up on the road. They may not be full restorations, and one is likely to get powered by either an LT1 or LS1.

           We don't have the trucks home yet, but all the parts are there in one form or another. A '36 Chev sedan was given to us for parts as well. When we do get them home, we'll better understand what is really ahead of us, what parts we need to start looking for and determine how we will revive them.

           We were looking for something to work on and we found them. There was no problem with the decision that these were what we wanted. Chevy trucks run in this family and two more just arrived!

Norm Rourke

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