Stephen Romero's

1964 Chevy Stepside Shortbed

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03 May 2005 Update

From the Big Bambino:

         Hey there you guys! I have updated my truck a bit. I replaced my short stepside bed and put a short fleetside bed on it! I also primered it black with a rusty primer in the bed.

         My truck has quite a few dingers in it but I'm still workin' on it. I didn't even bother sanding the bed because I was too anxious and excited about getting the bed on and primered! I kinda wanted to make my truck into a rat rod anyways. Well, ever since I saw Chevy Asylum's "Ugly Truck," I thought COOOOL -- I want my truck to be a rat rod too! :)

         I hope you all like the progress I have done with this beautiful truck. Well, at least I think this '64 baby is hot and I'm having a blast. Although, sometimes ... at the same time ... annoyed! It's not as easy as I thought it would be fixin' up an old truck :)

         C'ya yall soon in the forums!

Stephen Romero
Orange County, CA

01 October 2004

From Stephen:

          Hello. This is my 1964 Chevy Stepside shortbed truck that my dad and I (I'm 20 years old) have been workin on for about one year. We bought it a year ago and let me tell you, she was a complete disaster. These previous owners abused her. I mean she was rusted down and had all this mickey mouse garbage down to her. They put a GMC hood on her which I still have right now cause I have a tight budget. Also she doesn't have the original bed fenders.

          The grille in this pic is bent but my dad and I straightened it out a bit.

          She's got a 350 V8, auto transmission .. uumm I don't know a whole lot about fixin' up trucks but ima learning this because this '64 needs some attention ... lol

          I hope you all will put her up on your sight. I really love your sight -- it's the best I've ever seen. I feel like can't wait to see more trucks up on your sight. I feel like I'm in heaven when I see your sight with all those beautiful Chevy trucks.

          Keep up the good work.

c'ya later,

Stephen Romero
Orange County, CA

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