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A Cool Old Truck

Will Romero's

1967 Chevy Custom 1-ton

01 March 2002 Update

Hey guys, its me again. Well I got it finished and just in time for my weddin. So what do you think of the finished product? I think it came out very beautiful. Course, I can't complain -- I did it by spray can but you'll never be able to tell the difference. $75.00 paint job and one week end.

Will Romero


07 February 2002

From Will:

     I have always liked the body style of these old trucks. And when my wife told me she did too, well you can bet I just about died. So I started lookin in all the local papers and I found a couple but for the money this was the best pick.

     It is a 1-ton with a rebuilt 350/350 turbo tranny. The plans are to rebuild it put all new inerds, bore it -- you know just have a lot of fun with it. Paint the ol' truck, tint the windows and show it.

     Look at it -- no rust or any thing on a Colorado truck! Can you beat that for a Grand?

Will Romero
Commerce City, CO


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