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A Cool Old Truck

Louie Rodriguez's

1950 Chevrolet 3100

06 September 2016

We will be looking for an update soon but wanted to direct your attention to two other projects that Louie has:

1949 1/2-Ton Chevy Suburban "Bad Guy" and 1966 GMC Suburban 1/2-Ton Custom "Big Guy"

1 July 2004

From Louie:

          Hi there! These are pictures of my 1950 3100. I found it last year in somebody's backyard. She is complete all the way down to the shift knob. So far I have installed new wheel cylinders all around. New master cylinder and new brake lines. I also have redone the fuel and vacuum lines. I just received my EZ wiring in the mail and hope to install soon. I have cranked the motor (235) but could't get it to start. Hopefully after I rewire, it should start.

          More plans are to switch over to a 5-window cab since the previous owner did a bad job of installing a sunroof :( 

          Anyhow, for those that have helped me from the forum -- thank you. Wish me luck!!

                                                                                                 Louie Rodriguez
                                                                                                    1950 Lou


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