Jaime Rodriguez's

1951 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall

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23 November 2005

From Jamie:

             I would like to give you a brief description of my 1951 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall. These vehicles where available in two versions ... Model 3106 with panel-type rear doors, or Model 3116 with tail gate and upper lift-gate, which this one is.

             I spent lots of hours locating that beautiful front grille guard and adding side moldings, also known as "Sergeant Stripes" which makes a hell of a difference if you ask me.

             Added is a set of 15" artillery rims with BF Goodrich whitewall tires, nice Fulton visor and all three rows of seats.

             I am happy to show my vehicle to Stovebolt and hope you and anyone else viewing my photo's enjoyed them as well.




Jaime Rodriguez
Chicago, Illinois

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