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A Cool Old Truck

Peter Robins'

1946 Holden 'Ute

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    Pete's stock appearing Ute runs a Holden IFS with ventilated discs with an Austin rack and pinion. The engine is a nearly stock Chevy 350 coupled to a TH350. The rear end is a Holden 1-ton ute with a 3.55:1 on Ute rear springs. The ratio is a little too low for the highway where the vehicle is mostly, but perfect for the stoplights!

    Panel and paint were done by Eddie Parker and Steve Houlahan. Most of the work was done by Steve and Barry at Street Rod and General Fabrications in Perth (Australia). Running boards were hand made by Steve and the rear guards (fenders) are Dodge (Pete, shame on you!!) because the originals were held together by rust holes (Well, ok).

    Wiring was by Steve Igglesden and the interior trim and tonneau by Trimcare. Wheels are Speedy Californians with Kelly boots all around. Fronts are 215/60/15. Rears are 255/60/15. Door windows were converted to one peice and use Falcon winders (Gasp! Now Ford parts!?).

    All the hard work was done by Steve and Barry at SRGF, including a heap of advice, and they even registered it. Currently, it runs 22 MPG (Hwy at 95Km/hr, or 60 MPH). It gets a fair bit of gravel road to go on. It handles it well although it is a fairly heavy vehicle by today's standards.

    It's great on the highway but I need to get a bit more sound proofing to combat the road noise. Not the best in small car parks, but I reckon that's the price you pay...small price I reckon.

    In the past two or three months of being on the road, it's clocked up some serious kms. It's roughly got 6,000 Kms on it already. Yes, that's a fair bit I guess but I'm a member of the West Coast Street Rod Club (Inc) in Perth, and going to meetings, etc., puts around 300 Km on the speedo for the round trip. Plus, being about 25 Kms from the nearest town, it doesn't take long. Of course, being my first rod, there's been a lot of flimsy excuses to go for a drive lately.

    If you'd like to read more about this history of the Holden body, check out the tech tip by Mike Kelly and another about Stovebolts Down Under by Peter Robins ~~ Editor

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