Jeff Robertson's

1951 GMC 2.5 / 3-Ton HC-451 Dump Truck

"Old 51"

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16 March 2007
# 1886

From Jeff :

           Hello fellow Bolters! I'm the Father of five incredible kids, happily married for 16 years and a Video Cameraman / Producer with over 80 countries visited in the last six years. I shoot and edit video, mostly for humanitarian organizations and non-profits the world over.

           This is my first Bolt. I have been watching this truck grow tumbleweeds in the dumper, sitting in a field unmoved, for three years and finally just decided I had to have it. Some 46 year olds go on a cruise, or buy BMWs or have an affair. I bought the "Old 51."

           Actually I had no idea what she was or if she would even start or dump when I offered to buy her. I'm sure I paid too much but I've always said, "Buy high, sell low and make it up in volume." There is no VIN or more properly, Chassis Number, on this truck anywhere that I can find. I looked high and low -- door jam, under the hood, all along the frame but the old title had the VIN as 16161. That's it. Nothing more. So very hard to cross reference to place of manufacture, dates, and model type. Any ideas??

           Through much research so far, it appears that the dump truck is a 1951 GMC HC-451 which looks like it makes it a 2.5 or 3-ton. Still not entirely sure -- but I'm betting on 3-ton.

           So for those of you checking mine against yours, here are the statistics I've found so far:

           Anyway, had it trucked from Claypool, Arizona to Prescott, fired it up and low and behold, it purrs and dumps! Lots of leaks, lots of grease, but very little rust. Got no brakes. Peddle goes right to the floor.

           I'm planning to blast the heck out of the grease with a steam cleaner and then get to work on the brakes. Rebuild the master cylinder and Hydrovac and wheel cylinders.

           I have many more pictures. (This one was neat, so I left it big ~ Editor ) Can anyone identify from the above if this is a 2-ton, Loadmaster, or Advance Design? I still can't determine the exact model number. I am really grateful for the Stovebolt site. In two weeks I've learned an unbelievable amount!

           I welcome any email or correspondence.

Jeff Robertson
Bolter # 13873
Prescott, Arizona

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