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A Cool Old Truck

Joe Rispalje's

1955 First Series 3100 Chevy

9 July 2004

From Joerizz:

          Here are a few pictures I took last year. It's restoration in time (13 yrs - like a lot of us). More time than money! I've done a little more since than. Will send pictures when I have time to take some more.

          I always wanted a 55' street rod since I was a kid. (Drag racing in the late 50's.) I'm 66 now, and still having fun - Tinkering

          What is the procedure for adjusting a hood on this pick up? I took the hood off, and now when I try to close it, the alignment is off. I've tried many times to adjust it and it's always wrong.

Joe Rispalje
Rochester, WA

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