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1959 GMC Fleet 100

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05 January 2007
# 1772

From Michael :

           This is my 1959 GMC (fleet option 100) It is a rare find and it's been very hard to locate some body parts for this truck.

           It has a Chevy cab and a GMC title. There are other items that are Chevy as well.

           My forum screen name is "DADZ 59" because it was my Dad's truck and will some day be my son's. So, it will always be DADZ 59!

           I remember this truck as a 6-volt, inline six and kicking off the hub caps to feed my dogs. I was 10 when I first drove it. My Father gave the truck to me at about my 12th year of my 20 years of serving our county in the Marine Corps. My Father, too, served time in the Marines.

           My Mother purchased the truck in '72 or '73 for my Father. The truck has a lot of memories for my four brothers and I -- hunting, trips to the dump, playing in the bed of the truck and, of course, driving lessons.

           I have ideas on getting truck in safe operating condition to give to my son Nic. It will not be original, but it will be rare and ... it will be his. He helps work on it and loves doing so. I enjoy having him help and have him ask questions. I likes it when I tell him stories of me as a child and the '59. He laughs as I tell a story to him ... and I laugh too.

           I cannot say that I am looking forward to my son growing up and driving off in the '59. However, I am looking forward to spending more time with him working on our family treasure.

           As I write this, I look out my bedroom window and see my '59 with no bed on it, needing body work, replacing glass, tires and wheels. I hope to get more work done than last year and to drive around the "Hot August Nights" here in Reno, Nevada.

           Thank you all for taking me back to my childhood and looking forward to tomorrow as my son Nic driving in our "DADZ 59".

Michael Rios
"DADZ 59"
Bolter # 10053
Sparks, Nevada (near Reno)

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