Miles / Garrett Rinehart's

1940 1/2-Ton Pickup

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February / March 04

     It is with great sadness that we need to mention the passing of Garrett Rinehart. His brother, Miles received heart-warming support from members of the Stovebolt Page, and is going to put the '40 back together and will keep us posted (via his web site) on the progress of the truck.  Miles has a few new images up there already and some description of the truck. He still hopes to sell it.   -- The Stovebolt Staff

     We would like to keep this page as a testament to their hard work and dedication. Miles told us that " Garrett, "G-Man", was killed in a traffic accident on November 20, 2003. Like all projects that never end, our truck restoration project outlived Garrett (who was all the brains and talent of said project). I was just the grunt labor."

07 December 2000 Update

In the first 24 hours of ownership, Garrett, our Dad, and I (Miles) completely dismantled the truck. It seemed like the thing to do when starting a frame up restoration. Looking back, there are a lot of parts I'm not quite sure about. But hey, they normally make things with a lot of spare parts, right?

FRAME: cleaned and painted.
BRAKES: new pads, seals, lines, and fluid
BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER: rebuilt, new seals and fluid
SHOCKS: new seals and fluid
SPRINGS: new shackles, bolts, and bushings

216 Straight "Stovebolt" 6 cylinder
BLOCK: deglazed cylinders
HEAD: valves reseated, new valve guides
PISTONS: cleaned and new rings
FUEL PUMP: rebuilt
HOSES: new
WATER PUMP: rebuilt
CARB: rebuilt
EXHAUST SYSTEM: new, need to install muffler
RADIATOR: rebuilt
GAS TANK: rebuilt
FUEL PUMP: rebuilt
TRANS: 4 speed manual, rebuilt
CLUTCH: resurfaced flywheel, new needle bearings between input/output shafts, new throwout and pressure plates
REAR AXLE: new gasket and fluid

     Garrett give us a how-dee-ho with a note about what he's been up to with his '40. Garrett was one of the "firsts" on The Stovebolt Page. Check his site to check on his progress. -- Editor

From: Garrett,

     You can see that there wasn't much body to start with. The left front fender, for example, is literally half-missing. I have been rebuilding everything by hand, rather than replacing parts. I got a bunch of metal the same thickness as the truck body from a bunch of old laboratory cabinets that were being scrapped. With that and the help of my little buddy, MIG, I've slowly been working my way through everything.

     So far I've done the doors, "skeleton" frames of the doors, cab lower-front, mid-back, and lower-back, bed sides, bed front, stake pockets (yes, even they rotted out), some frame damage, and three of the fenders. I'm presently working on that left front fender. After that, I just have the running boards to do. The chassis mechanicals (engine, drivetrain, etc) were all torn down and rebuilt a long time ago. Hopefully, I'll get this thing under some paint this summer and put all of its pieces back in one place. Who knows, it may even run!

     Thanks for putting my pictures out there for the world to see!

-- Garrett


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