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A Cool Old Truck

Erik Rincon's

1951 2-Ton Flatbed

01 March 01
Erik sends an update:

     Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this site. It is a source of nearly boundless entertainment and information, second to none! :-)
     I am not sure what has been more effective, The Swap Meet or the Gallery for the positive remarks and interest in my Old Truck. I have received increasingly more email regarding this vehicle in the last month than at any time previously. I have even had an interested party (who had searched this site for flatbed trucks) actually SHOW UP at my shop (where the truck is stored) to have a look-see and even fire it up!
     It is good to see that there is still a quantifiable interest in these trucks (med. duty especially). I have grown more fond of my truck as opportunities have presented themselves to actually use this vehicle for work and personal use. I have decided to remove the truck from the swap meet and not offer it for sale for the foreseeable future. I am going to spend some time figuring out how to proceed with this project. In the meantime, I have been able to secure a storage site that will be more or less permanent, providing me greater flexability in making repairs and possibly, in the near future, restoration.
     I have enclosed two different photos of the '51 GMC. I thought it was time for a change :-) . I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Please post one or both as you feel appropiate.
     For those who would like to see more pics and info, please come visit.
    As far as turning heads, I couldn't agree with you more! When I drive this truck anywhere, people wave and stare, especially older folks. I do enjoy that aspect of Old Trucks, you can always count on it for a conversation starter. Or how someboby's grandfather had a truck just like that ....You gotta love it!



    I obtained this truck from a former co-worker. He used it as a garbage hauler, going to the dump once a year. The rest of the time it just sat.  This went on for about twenty years. Prior to this, the truck was used on a farm to pick up hay bales. There are still a couple of brackets attached to the truck where a motorized conveyor was attached, and a two ft. extension wing at the rear of the bed. This was to accomadate stacking a full three tons of hay on it! The wing has been subsequently removed along with the conveyor. It is otherwise completely original, and has never been restored. I have chosen to repair it, rather than modify it. Restoration is the best, I know, but right now I don't have the resources. I store it at my work, because my landlord does'nt like "old beater trucks on the property". But now my boss says "store it somewhere else, or sell it". So.....
     1951 GMC 2 ton (16,000 GVW) 15 ft.flatbed recently re-decked. New stake sides. 6 cylinder (248 c.i.)104 h.p. 4 speed, 2 speed axle. Completely rebuilt front axle (king pins, tie rod ends, draglink ends,wheel bearings,alignment) New tires and tubes (8.25 x 20)all six. Good spare with nice tread. 12 ton jack and tire iron. New water pump,new fuel pump (with vacuum pump for wipers),Was fomerly 6 volt positive ground, now has Full 12 volt conversion (re-wound generator). Retains 6 volt starter for very easy starting. Runs and drives very well. Hauled 2 1/2 cords of almond wood with no problem!  Hate to sell it,but I have no place to park it! I have addiditional pictures of interior etc., but they are not scanned yet. Asking $3800.00.

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