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A Cool Old Truck

Aaron Richeson's

1953 Advance Design

March 25, 2004   

From Aaron

Hey StoveBolters,

     Here is my story-saga. I bought my first A.D. at the age of 14 (stole it actualy for a C-note). I had no job or income so I did what any car-crazed kid would do -- sold my brand new 10-speed bike that mom and dad got me the previous month as a Christmas gift. I did this without their knowlege.

     Dad was sure p-o'ed to come home and find this leaky, oil burning, rusty, trophy in his driveway. Well ,over the next two years I was totally obessed by this truck. It would be on the road by the time I was 16 and that was that.

     I overhauled the moter at high school shop, got some used tires and wheels and was introduced to bodywork. Had it painted by a very famous painter you may have heard of: Earl Shieb. It turned out to be a very cool truck espicilly for a high school kid.

     As time goes by people take things for granted and loose track of how special some things are and at the age of 19, I sold her to get a newer vehicle. A mistake that haunted me for the next 20 years.

     Well, I did the marriage-family thing and would go nuts every time I saw an A.D. So, my dear wife knew of these trucks more than she wanted I am sure.

     About 10 years ago, she bought me the Danbury Mint 53-A.D. I think she was trying to cure my A.D.-jones, but in fact she made it worse.

     Fastforward nine years, she buys me a real one! Now my obession is back only 10 fold! This truck is in verrrry bad condition-but will be saved. It is just a matter of time. Here's a photo for starters. I will update as project progresses.

Aaron Richeson


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