Marvin Ribbich's

1942 Chevy 1.5-Ton Dual Wheel Panel Truck

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24 October 2005

From Marv:

        I read your article on big trucks on the Stovebolt web site and was very impressed on the knowledge you have on this subject.

        October 2004 I purchased a 1942 Chevy 1942 one and half ton duel wheel panel truck. It sat for 20 years but I was able to get it running and drivable this spring. The truck has 6:17 gears in it and top speed (without working the engine to hard) seems to be 35-40 mph. My understanding is 5:43 gears were a option and trucks from 1940-55 used the same ring and pinion set. Also GMC used a 5-speed overdrive transmission also as a option in some models.

        My question is if I can find a set of 5:43 gears and a GMC 5-speed overdrive transmission, will this give me what I am trying to achieve: at least 55mph without harming the 235 babbited engine?

        From what I can gather the GMC trans is much larger than the Chevy 4-speed and may not bolt up to the bell housing. Or would I need to change both? Or maybe you could tell me of another overdrive transmission that would work without making to many modifications. I will be checking with Gear Vendors this coming week to see if they have something to offer to help me out.

        Here are some more pictures of my '42. I hope we can get the big trucks back on the road and just for shows. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you.

Marvin Ribbich
Bolter #6600
Eagle, Wisconsin

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