Paul Reznicek's

1949 Model 6400 Chevy 2-Ton

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From: Paul

      This truck is actually blue. I pulled it out of a sand pit next to a concrete batch plant, which probably explains the weird oxidation.

      This truck has a lot of straight goodies on it, including the running boards, fenders, doors, hood, all glass (except both windshield halves -- the passenger side is cracked and the driver's side has a couple of stone chips).

      How about those fat turn signal lamps and those cab lights? The latter would be a neat touch, but I don't know if I can bring myself to drill holes in my cab roof.

      The grill isn't too bad, but one of the grill bars has a kink in it. I think it could be worked out, though. The interior is rough!

Paul Reznicek
Bolter # 12067
Oklahoma City

            See also Paul's '49 4400 . On January 1, 2007, we added a 1948 Chevy 6400 Farm Truck to the Gallery for the Rezman but he also informed us that both '49s are gone. ~~ Editor

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