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A Cool Old Truck

Larry Reeves'

1968 Chevy 3/4-Ton Longhorn

10 September 04

From Larry:

          Here is a picture of the 1968 Longhorn 2wd I bought last spring for $1,800. I had no idea what I had bought until I did some research and found that it is somewhat rare considering the number of 3/4-ton Longhorns built that year. It had a new 350 crate installed 2,400 miles before I bought it. I got rid of the small 2 barrel and manifold and replaced it with an Edelbrock intake and 600 cfm 4 barrel. I also replaced the old points distributor with an Accel HEI. I added a cam, hydraulic lifters, headers, custom exhaust and replaced the original radiator this spring.

          The truck has 78,000 miles on it and drives like new. Someday it will be converted to a street machine but for now it goes down the country roads as well as the highway. It is not for sale but thought I would share this picture with you.

Larry Reeves
Dwight, NE

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