Scotty Reed's

1945 Chevy 1-Ton

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January 2009 Update -- Packhorse no longer has this truck. ~ Editor

28 August 2006
# 1297

From Scotty:

           I purchased this Stovebolt from Ricky. God Bless the Stovebolt site! Ricky is a great man and a good business person! [Smile]

          The truck has a 305, power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission. The front and back are a 1988 Chevy 1-ton. This will be my daily driver and work horse.

          Thanks again 4 workin' so hard!!

  Scotty Reed
Bolter # 9611

          Packhorse also has a 1946 Chevy 1-ton in the Gallery. ~~ Editor

This truk formerly belonged to Ricky Turner

28 November 2005
# 1297

From Ricky:

             Would you please add a picture of my 1945 Chevy 1-ton to Stovebolt Gallery.

             Over the last three years I have updated the chassis with a late-model Chevy 1-ton suspension, plus added a 350 Chevy motor and 700r4 overdrive transmission.

             On the outside and interior I have tried to leave everything stock. The engine compartment, as you can see below, is nothing fancy.

             The front and rear are out of a 1982 Chevy 1-ton. I've also included a picture of the front when I was working on it. The frame is from a 1953 2-ton Chevy. I narrowed the frame 1 7/8" to fit the rear end then cut the front end 3 1/2" to fit the frame in front.


             Keep up the good work on The Stovebolt Page. I get a lot of help and ideas there.

Ricky Turner
Bolter # 4431

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