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A Cool Old Truck

Mark Read's

1961 Chevy 1/2-Ton Stepside 4 x 4

17 September 04

From Mike:

          Hi, just found your site. Luv it. Gotta keep them old trucks on the road.

          Any way, I have a 1961 Chev 1/2-ton stepside 4x4. Been wanting an Apache since 17 -- I now have one at 38 -- a few years have gone by! lol.

          I bought it for $5000. It was done frame up in 1990. I am restarting it. It has a 327 but soon a hi pro 350 engine, edebrock 2.5 alum heads, air gap profomer intake, demon 750 carb. Hoping to get 475 horse from it??

          Right now I'm re-doing the stock suspension with leafs to axel no blocks; posie rear and front, manual trans and thinking 38" swampers.




          Hopefully I'll smoke all four at the next car show??

          Anyways ... keep up the great work on the site.

Mark Read
Central Oregon

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