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1954 Chevy 5-window Shortbox

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Leonardtown, Maryland



"Bullnose Bobbi"

Owned by Dave Razey
Bolter # 8795
Central Florida

27 July 2008
# 1534

From Dave :

        It's been quite a while since I first submitted my 1954 Chevy Advance Design truck. In fact, about 5500 miles have been wrung up and I'd like to add some updated pictures and a few things I've learned while on this journey.

        Building the '54 into a reliable road machine, which incidentally is on the road most every day, has been a real interesting journey. I can't say that I stuck to my original plan, but hanging out with some pretty sharp Chevy truck folks on the Stovebolt, has given me some great insights and the finished product reflects just that. [ Picture from the passenger side ]

        The venerable 235 still provides the power and adds an aura to the truck that has paid off at the numerous car / truck shows that we enjoy in Central Florida. It's safe to say that six out of 10 folks that stroll up, have some history with the AD trucks and the comments from spectators, as well as the "thumbs up" from passing motorists makes all the grunge work, well worth the effort.

        I would encourage anyone who is considering an AD build, to spend the extra money to have the engine balanced, converted to full-flow filtering, improving on the carburetion, and to consider adding a T5 and some road gears.

        The '54 is a great cruiser, drives like a dream and the 235 has proven to be safe, economical, dependable, and can hold her own at any of the shows, while still remaining a truck.

        Still have lots of pictures in my Webshots album.

        I'd like to offer a special thanks to the Stovebolt staffers who work so diligently to keep Stovebolt one of, if not the most, user-friendly sites on the net. And to all the folks who contributed to my build: a special hats off to you all. The "Stovebolt" platform is a great arena for both young and old and it just proves that even though our choice of vehicles might lean towards a more utilitarian nature, the folks who contribute, have a lot of class! Too numerous to name individually, but you know who you are.

        Thanks again for all the memories and just keep those old Chevys and GMCs rolling!!!!


        Wow Dave ... the truck looks great. Thanks for all the attaboys for the gang. It's all a team effort ... and you are part of it, too! ~ Editor

22 May 2006
# 1534

From David :

           Hi. I'd like to introduce "Bullnose Bobbi" to the site. [ pix ] Bobbi is a 1954 5-window, short box who spent most of its life in the Georgia hills after coming south from Royal Oaks, Michigan. Like most senior trucks, she was in pretty sad shape. The work in Georgia was hard and the roads dusty. Bobbi finally wound up parked in a garage in Central Florida for many years. After numerous requests, the previous owner agreed to let her go and she became my first GM project vehicle. So, 1200 hours and a few bucks later she is near completion of Phase 1 and I think ready to meet the world. So, here she is!

           Being retired affords a guy plenty of time to get things right. Her stable mates are Ford's but she holds her own and has provided a multitude of enjoyable (and some not) experiences. All work (with the exception of the Basecoat/clearcoat paint) were my efforts and accomplished in my own shops. Phase 1 has her back to stock configuration with a few upgrades, 12 circuit new wiring, electric wipers, dual master cylinder, all new brake system, a ton of new hardware. You've gotta look close to spot the refinements.

           Phase 2 will see the SM 420/closed drive shaft give way to a T5 and a 9 bolt Australian Borg Warner posi differential with discs. Front discs will also help her avoid crushing those pesky little "tuners" that litter the roadways. Swaybars will make the straight axle more manageable.

           Phase 3 will provide some tweaking to what turned out to be a freshened 1956 235. Cast headers, a mild cam, HEI distributor and a 2-1 carb setup should finish off the engine compartment. My hopes are to improve on a reliable machine and add refinements to make her comfortable on the highway. I've got some pictures on Webshots of all the different parts of the truck, if you are interested. Warning, I'm a Technisaurus so this computer stuff is pretty "out there" for me.

           I'd like to give a special thanks to all the great folks at "Stovebolt" for all the help so many have rendered. As sort of a "lurker," I've been working hard on broadening my "learning curve" and this site has been a tremendous source of good, legitimate information. The basics of restoration are pretty universal but when you go past the surface in any project, there is nothing like having a great bunch of folks who will dig into their knowledge-base and share some of the bits and pieces that take years and years to accumulate. The Chevy folks on your site are to be commended. Without help from your Stovebolt site and the folks, Bobbi would not be the truck she is today!!! My thanks to you all!

David Razey

EXPERIENCE is the best teacher...but it gives the test first...and the lesson afterwards.

           Well, David, thanks for the kind remarks. We do have a great bunch here. And *lurking* is always acceptable. We understand not everyone is an Extreme Gabster ~~ Editor


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