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ACool Old Truck

Gary Radford's

1959 Chevrolet 1/2-ton

18 November 01 Update

From Gary:

     Here are a few updated photos for the gallery ... the '59 that you brought up here is a real gem. I've basically done some cosmetic work and changed a few things back to original (wheels, rear bumper, mirror etc.). I've upgraded to an alternator and pertronix solid state ignition. I highly recommend both!

     The tractor that you see on the back of the truck is a 1959 copar panzer model 210, it was one of only approximately 80 built and one of only a couple known to exist today! As you can see, Stovebolts and tractors go together!!! Maybe we should have a gallery section of photos of peoples Stovebolts and tractors together?

     You guys do a wonderful job on the site I have learned so much here- I read everything and look at the page several times a day!!!

Thanks again - best regards,


     Gary's truck came from Arizona via Kentucky. It is the "Apache 32" or the "Long Box" half-ton. It sports non-original mirrors, rear bumnper and wheels. Oddly, it has a '54 235 engine (bigger oil ports).

     It is going to live on Gary's tree farm in upstate New York and provide many more years of faithful service hauling his kids around and being a semiwork truck and a total fun machine.

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