Ron Raatz's

1942 pre-war 1/2-ton

Ol' Thunderhead

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 2 May 2002 Update

         Well, thanks to The Stovebolt Page, I've done a few things I've never done before. Mainly tearing apart the carb on a 235! With the help of fellow 'Bolters, I've got my '60 back on the road.WOO HOO!

         Now, hopefully, I can spend more time on my '42.

         I'm writing to say thanks again for a place to go to ask for help and to let you know I am keeping my truck photos on webshots.

Ron Raatz
Bolter # 571
Northern Wisconsin

        Ron just recently got himself an eBay 1966 Chevrolet C-20 Grizzly Motorhome. Check IT out! ~~ Editor [an error occurred while processing this directive]

15 June 2001

From Ron:

          Hi guys, love your site. I've got a stovebolt in the works I'd like to share, Ol' Thunderhead. Its a prewar 1942 1\2-ton.

          I was on a December junkyard run (frozen finger run in Wisconsin) and decided to stop in at a watering hole to warm up on my way home. I asked the owner if he knew of any other yards in the area with pre-'70 vehicles and one thing led to another when he said, "I've got an old truck I should probably get rid of."

          Well, I went and looked and even though the snow was packed half way up the truck, I was still pleasantly surprised.

          On the drive home, I realized that before I went any further I had one major hurdle to clear: selling my wife on the idea. It was no easy task but a couple of weeks later, I at least got her to agree to take a look at it. When we arrived, my wife got out and gave it the once over. She looked at me and said, "It's got definite possibilities." My jaw about hit the floor.

          We hauled it home in April and after charging the battery and changing the oil, I hooked up a Marine gas tank and stepped on the starter. On about the fifth try, she roared to life and with no muffler was instantly coined "Ol' Thunderhead."

          After flushing the gas tank and rebuilding the master cylinder, we enjoyed driving it until fall when we started tearing it down for restoration.

          Here are a few pics of her we'd like to share. On the left is my daughter Jaycee -- she is always ready to help and even has her own creeper.

          I wonder if Stokes Paint and Body are still in business. Any one out there know?

          Got lots more pictures of you want to take a look on-line.

Ron Raatz
Bolter # 571
Northern Wisconsin

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