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A Cool Old Truck

Jim Proffit's

1939 GMC

21 December 00 Update
   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Here's my 1897 Goddeu in the back of the '39 headed to "Toys for Tots" tonight.

      Fine job for a Stovebolt -- and Stovebolter -- editor



Hi John,

    Here's photos of the shop truck.

    It is a bit of a hot rod, but mostly period stuff. Except for the disc brakes, cruse control and such.
    I got my truck in 1989 in original almost junk but driveable condition. As I used it for the next few years, I made a list of things -- such as the lack of braking force, the many stops due to clogged fuel line (you can use the choke inner cable to ream the line clear, provided the knob is tight). The was the engine screamed like a 450 Pratt at 50 mph. Those kind of things. It was fun but slow. Once I took the valve cover off to adjust the valves, it took a lot of effort to get the thing off and inside looked like someone had melted a bowling ball inside and it had set up! One day the u-joint broke! Once fixed, the pinion brg went from round to square! I took the whole thing down to bare and started over.
    The first rebuild included a hotted-up 228, Volvo overdrive gearbox, Nissan disc brakes on the stock axle, a fuel cell out back. I never like being the first one to the fire! To fix the rearend problem a 55 Chevy truck dropout was bolted in. Now it would do cruse at 2200 rpm. A buddy of mine has new 302 GMCs so last year after driving the truck cross country, I did that along with a Ford TOD trans. It will do 85 no problem. In the photos you see Nicson intake and headers ... Fenton is for Chevys. It's got an Isky cam. The truck has an AC102 long wheel base and long bed 1/2 ton. A full flow oil filter. A Mallory dual point dist. A Steward Warner Tach drive .. It's stock for Calif.
    My dad always let us hop-up the truck! Thanks for saying my truck looked clean,but you haven't seen my DIAMOND T !!
    We drove this truck to the national convention AHTS last year.

Keep up the good work

Jim Proffit

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