Marcus Prichard's

1951 Chevy Suburban and a 1951 Chevy Suburban

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01 August 2007
# 2006 & 7

From Marcus :

           Thought I would send photos of my trucks for the Gallery.

           The white 'Burb is a 1951 Chevy Suburban, 350 with 350, Mustang II IFS, Automatic, tilt, buckets and that's about it. I bought this one to drive while working on my other Burb. This Burb was purchased over the 'net so I can't take credit for the build up. However, it evoked the same kind of response from folks as my gray and red Burb. Unless it is raining, there is no need to roll up my windows. Folks at stop lights are always motioning to me to roll down the window so they can ask about the truck. No matter where I stop or park, there is always someone to ask questions. I have even had some young ladies flash me and asked for a ride. Something my wife was perturbed about as she was in the truck with me at the time. In a Wal-Mart parking lot, an elderly lady told me her husband use to take her on dates in an old Burb when they were young. Fond memories apparently.

           The red and gray 'Burb is a 1951 Chevy Suburban, 235 six with Fenton headers, Offy intake and two 2 barrel Holley's, T-5 Tranny and disc brake upgrade on straight axle. This is my sort of stocker for 1951.

           The red and gray or gray and red, you choose, I purchased in 1994 when I retired from the Army. It was stock except for an upgrade from a 216 to a 235. At first I wanted to drop in a V8, IFS, automatic and all the other goodies. Somewhere along the line I decided to keep it stock except for what I could have put on in the early 1950's. The exception was disc brakes, open drive line, late model overdrive manual transmission. I have tried to keep it fairly stock. Truck is slowly coming together.

           I am moving to Arizona in a few months and will probably have to add air conditioning if I want to drive the old girl (the Burb, not the wife).

           For those building a Burb, pay close attention to what you order on line. As an example, bumpers need to say Suburban as a pickup bumper just does not work. Save any thing you can use as a pattern. I wish I had heeded that advice when I decided to tackle the Burb's headliner.

           I doubt if my old truck will ever win any prizes but it does not bother me. Just cruising around in it is the reward I enjoy most. Stumbling onto the Stovebolt web site was the best thing I did in regards to my old trucks. I have received some really great advice from folks who have been doing this old truck thing much longer than me and the majority of it through the Stoveboltheads at the site.

           If you couldn't tell from my email, I fly helicopters in the Army. I had retired in 1994 but was recalled in December 2001 to teach young aviators some old tricks. It has been an absolute hoot. The aircraft I fly in the Army is the UH-1 or Huey. It has the same smooth rounded lines as my old Burbs. How could I go wrong?


Marcus Prichard
Bolter # 2715
US Army Air Ambulance Detachment
Fort Polk, Louisiana

           Wow, Marcus has been around with us for a long time. And what gorgeous trucks! I'd give 'em a prize ... lots of prizes. The biggest one would be to YOU though for serving our Country -- thank you for that! ~~ Editor

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