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1959 GMC Stepside 9314

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01 August 2007
# 2001

From Robbie :

           Hi there everyone! I am 14 years old and live in Northern Manitoba, Canada.  Just yesterday I came into a 1959 GMC Stepside 9314 or 9310, I am not to sure.  The truck has a little bit of a history.

           Back in 1959, a farmer in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, bought the truck new and used it until 1967. That's when my neighbor up here traveled out there and bought it for a farm truck.  He used it for about 20 years just to putt around.  He added a reinforced custom bumper to help with pulling machinery around.  That was the only modifications he made to it.

           When the previous owner parked the truck (with the rest of his graveyard), the engine was knocking away and the body a little too rusty for him.  Years ago, when his son was 14 like me, he took the truck apart hoping to restore / rod it out.  He got as far as taking it apart and painting the frame.  He also purchased and rebuilt a 1975 Chevy 350 engine.  He found a front and back axle from a 1970's Chevy 3/4-ton to support his new motor.  None of it ever was placed on the frame or even ran.  The cab, painted frame and box sat outside for five years.  While the overhauled 350 was turned over, it never ran more that twice a year to prevent seizing. 

           Now this is where I come in.  Since winter of 2006, I had been wanting a old truck to fix up for my graduation.  So, for half a year, I put an ad in the local buy and sell and said I was looking for any truck made before and including 1959.  I got calls about dump trucks that were bag driven and stuff. At the end of June, I got a call from my neighbor who happened to have a 1959 Stepside "just lying around." 

           Well, I was so happy I went over there right away -- rode the two miles on my bike!! 

           I paid nothing for this truck -- but I still may have to pay something for the motor (the son has yet to decide).  I hope to make this a custom / original truck.  Big 22" rims and tires to fill the wheel wells and a 2" suspension drop.  I still have to decide on the color.  (If someone has a suggestion, email me.)  I also hope to put a booming stereo system to impress, but I don't want the system to be noticed at a glance. 

           Now I have a pile of parts in my shed at home. The frame is in my driveway waiting for a good sandblasting. I am hoping for a little smoothing to be done to make it nicer. My Dad and I are going to try and do everything we can by ourselves, along with help from our neighbors, who have a sandblaster.  So if anyone has tips or comments, please just email me.

           Thanks for your time and I will explain the pics when they arrive.  Here is one of the cab, which has a few dings in it .  Hopefully next week I will have more pics for you guys and gals to enjoy

Robbie Prettie
Bolter # 15546
The Pas, Manitoba

           Sounds like a really good deal!  Even without that booming stereo you are sure to impress a few people! ~ Gallery Gal

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