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1957 Chevy 1/2-Ton Longbed

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16 March 2007
# 1885

classic vehicleFrom Mark :

          My search started about three years ago. I was looking for an old pickup truck with a classic look, in relatively good shape, easy access to parts, in running condition, and cheap.

          I found what I was looking for about one year later while perusing the “Deals on Wheels” web site. There it was in primer red -- a 1957 Chevy 3200 for just $2,500.00. I think I snapped it up just in time because the guy said he was deluged with calls just after I bought it.

          It seemed like a pretty good deal. The only problem was that it was a Kansas truck and I live in Maryland. However, the guy I bought it from had some experience in getting transport for vehicles cross-country. I was able to get it transported for $800. It came in about three weeks later.

          It is not much to look at really, but everything I expected and wanted. Good thing the guy who delivered it knew something of old trucks because I didn’t even know what the starter pedal was.

          I spent another several hundred bucks re-doing the brake system as well as a major tune-up, new hood, and carburetor rebuild. It is now pretty road worthy and is tagged historical.

          Last semester, I took an auto-body class at the local Community College and this semester I am taking auto-paint. Hopefully, I’ll have an air compressor soon so I can get started with the real fun!

Mark Posthuma
Bolter # 7201
Union Bridge, Maryland

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