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15 October 2012 Update
# 1730
  Owned by
Owned by Bill Pogue
"wizard 49"
Bolter # 12155
Southern California


1949 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton


More pictures of my old truck in the Bolt Bucket


From Bill:

Finally driving my old truck after so much work!!!!

I took the truck to Gonzo's in Long Beach, California for painting. It came out six months later. The color is Midnight Blue. Besides the paint, he had a ton of body work to complete. He got it very straight.

I put the floor in. Got the oak bed in. I can only haul pillows and stuffed animals ... don't want to scratch it!

This truck use to be a 3-window. I did a complete frame-off restoration. I had it totally taken down. In the cab, I had only the floor and fire wall ... that was all that was there. I replaced the top and the back. It was incredible.

Next, I have to do the upholstery. I think I will finish up this project and just enjoy driving it around. I have been crusing a lot to San Diego, pulling the trailer. We cruise around here regularly.

Wizard 49

01 May 2010 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

Hi everybody,

I have a photo here taken last Fall in Ventura, California on the way to the Primer Nationals. It’s always a blast. Fun cars to check out, good people to talk to and a nice drive from Long Beach or San Diego up north.

Making sure to leave early, we made the 100 miles in short order seeing other cars and trucks on their way, too. As we were driving, a group of three cars passed us, each with a wolf whistle, Dah, Dah. Dah Dah… or Hoogaaaa horn and pipes blazing. OOOO too much fun!!!!! My good friend Al was my co-pilot, and, as always has a good time. Thanks my friend !!!!

This was the first real far away drive for the old truck. After all the work that has been done, the truck ran flawless. On the freeway passing a big rig on a uphill, shifted down a gear into 4th eased on by like nothing….. then back into 5th.

The combo of the 235 and the T5 is really a nice combination.

I recently installed a 16” electric fan in front of the radiator since I’m not running a fan. The temp was in the 185 spot even on the way home sitting in Labor Day traffic.

Still have creature comforts to make it more drivable, but those will come.

This is really a great service. Thank you very much for posting my ramblings and pictures.

Wizard 49

11 April 2009 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

Here is my Advance Design Chevy after about four years of work.

It's a 1949 Chevy 3100, cab  off frame, 235 straight 6 cylinder, dual carbs, with T5 5 speed transmission. The rear end is a 12 bolt, drum brakes and leaf springs in back with shocks, air bags in the front with IFS. It has a dual Corvette master cylinder with disk brakes to stop.

The gas tank is in the rear between the frame rails. It has dual Fenton headers going into Harley exhaust  pipes.

I still have lot to do but now I can drive it! I still need more seat time though.

There sure is a lot to be said about taking this on. I really wasn’t understanding of all the work, time and materials to get it to this point. This really must be a passion -- why else would we do it?

I must say not all vendors are equal. No Limit Engineering in California is very knowledgeable. The products are first class, good stuff. Earlier I said the products all seemed to be equal -- that is not the case.

Maybe I will make it to the Del Mar Goodguys meet THIS year -- driving NOT walking.


The Wizard

21 April 2008 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

          I didn’t make it to the Goodguys meet in my truck. BUT I DID WALK TO IT! The Goodguys meet was fun. However, Friday was sparse but Saturday was really crowded. The barns were filled to the brim and people seemed to be having a good time. Funny though only a few flat heads and less inliners. I think we have the hot ticket but not everyone knows.

          No, my truck didn’t break down either, just couldn’t find all the nickels to get it together. So much for plans. At least I made some really good progress. Then I decided the 10 bolt rear end from the Olds Bravado was a bit too narrow. Spacers with the rest of the stuff would be the same amount of dollars. A Camaro third member (better fit) is now sitting in its place.

          By the way, does anyone know this place -- The Brig? (Brigentine Restaurant). It’s a local Haunt, near Dog beach. The first one to send me a note gets a prize. Just for fun.

Take care,

Wizard 49

20 February 2008 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

          Hello fellow Bolters!! Now has come the time to say IT’S RUNNING! WOW! I can hardly believe it. Well, it started anyway.

          The steering is in. The IFS suspensions (with air bags) is done. I picked up the drive line and couldn’t wait to see if the T5 and 50” long driveline was right. It seems just fine -- about 1” sticking out on the splined end.

           Next job will be brake plumbing. I need exhaust tubing and mufflers from the Fenton headers.

           I placed the fenders on for effect but need fender bolts.(I have thought many times that the trucks look like hound dogs sniffin' coons with the front nailed to the ground) This was a comment!!!! I like the look.

           I got the windows installed. BOY did he make it look easy!!! I tried with some small nylon string. A trick … use regular cotton rope, 1/4" will do. Tape (with blue tape) the rubber to the glass. The guy had a great suction tool that helped, plus another tool for installing the lock bead. Like I said, he made it look easy.

           You guys are great. Perhaps by some stretch of work madness and tenacity, I’ll get to the Good Guys show this year in Del Mar, CA in March 2008. Wow, I’ve said it publicly!

           This project is really fun as it’s a HOT ROD. It may not be as well as a V8-owered machine but it's really fun for me.

           I’m so pleased you have created this site! It is a wealth of information. I feel like family. Even though I’m a “newbie.”

           LIFE IS GOOD

Take care,

Wizard 49

06 November 2007 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

           The news -- first off the house didn’t get burned down by the fires (horrific fires in Southern California ~ Editor). All is well. Got a lot of concerned people asking how things were and if the fires affected us. No they didn’t.

           Now about the truck. Funny thing about projects, sometimes stuff gets done and sometimes not. It’s all about priority, you know.

            The IFS front end was purchased as a kit from No Limit Engineering. The installation was relatively easy. Well maybe not easy but without major headaches. The frame boxing plates get welded in -- welds ground a little. The cross member then goes in and the upper A arm supports get aligned by small “arrows” notched into the bottom of the supports.

           I spoke with Rob at the Good Guys show this year. In my humble opinion, basically all the IFS kits are the same. A feature here or there. The selling point was 1) I could pick it up; 2) The company is somewhat local; 3) I didn’t want to use a clip.

           Now I have a new list of things to do.

           Thanks. Hope all is well with my fellow Bolters.


           Bill, glad to hear you are okay. We have so many Bolters in Southern California. Had us all worried. Thanks for the report! ~~ Editor


13 June 2007 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

           Old trucks are just too cool. We just gotta stop look, take pictures, ask questions, visit a winery ... who knows what fun we can have! I know there are others who have this affliction. This site is dedicated to spreading the word, keeping the trucks running and on the road (someday). This photo on the right was taken on one such trip in 2007 in Napa California. Enjoy.

           On to my update - I’ve been working on my truck since the last submission. I’ve had somebody at work make a stained glass window that is really cool.

           The plan was for the truck to be blue now it will be flat black. Sound insulation RAMMAT has been added inside the cab, doors and floor. Now the doors go from "ting ting" to "thud" without even the strikers being in place. I still have ensolite to be added over the aluminum faced insulation. And the interior has been painted.

          The firewall has been painted “Midnight Blue Pearl Flat” thanks to my friends at Tri City Paint in San Diego.

           I was able to find a 10 bolt rear end from a S-10 (Pontiac Bravada) and purchased new springs and mounts. I still need to find some rims with the right offset. A 4“ offset is too much. It gets in the way of the bed.

           Now, after much searching (thanks to Stovebolt and fellow 'Bolters), I was able to find the T5 transmission and clutch package and I can use the foot starter. Now that the 235 /T5 – 5 speed is together, it’s ready to bolt in.

           The bed wood has about six coats of varnish so far but that’s for another time. I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Just do a little bit every night.

Take care,


10 January 2007 Update
# 1730

From Bill :

           New photos added to Photobucket showing some progress on my truck. The color was taken from a door access panel under a layer of gray paint. It’s acrylic enamel sprayed with HVLP.

           When prepping the panel, I was planning to go to bare metal. However, as this color appeared, I stopped -- looked it over -- sanded a spot with 220 -- then sent it over to be matched. Is this the infamous Champagne?


21 November 2006
# 1730

From Bill :

           Here is a 1950 Chevy 3100 1/2-ton I’m in the process of restoring. It is currently in the primer stage. The truck started out with a camper and that helped save the box. However, after taking the camper off and thinking what to do next, it became a frame-off project.

           I started off hoping my brother wouldn’t send me a wiring harness a Christmas gift. Then I would have to do that. Well look now ... what a fine mess you’ve got me in. I installed a power brake booster at the frame rails to keep the firewall free.

           It currently has a 235 but will be replaced by…. you guessed it, another 235 -- but hot rodded a bit. I have a bit more to do on the outside then spray the inside and start inside working out.

           It was a 3-window. Not now! As with all of them, that’s a story in itself (see below) and is becoming a daily topic of discussion. Now it’s a 5-window and the seams are much better, plus all the rust has been removed by media, sand or cutting and replacing.

           Making it a 5-window: The top was sitting in back of my friend's shop as the lower part of the truck was a rust bucket. I did use a repop behind the cab panel from Brothers, as there was rust-thru, and distortion from welding would be likely. I tried to go with new cab corners but in doing so the gaps were never right. So the back of the cab was replaced with the repop from Brothers. The cab needed to be braced before starting on the cutting process. I used a bed frame with bolts welded on to the threaded nuts in the firewall for the radiator support rods, welded to the door jamb. This is with the doors installed, as gaps will change without the structural support. It's bolted five places at the bead area. If you run your fingers inside the cab on your truck at the bead area behind the seat, you will feel them. Lots of penetrant oil was used. The original top is spotwelded in a bunch of places not possible when redoing. If I were to do it again, I think starting with a 5-window cab is the smartest. My logic was that since I had finally gotten the title, and media blasted the cab after cutting out the rusted floor before replacing them. I had enough invested to go for it. I must say, once the top is off there's no going back. I do have some pictures, but not organized yet. Just let me know if you if you have questions.

           I know Bolters enjoy these stories and photos. So I guess I should include a "first photo." This was the condition of the truck before starting. Actually it's after my brother pulled my chain to do something with it or he would! So it just seemed natural to take off the bed, then the cab, and on and on and on.

           This has been a fun project. I’ve been doing most (almost) of the work. My brother did weld in the mounts for the custom bent trans mount, so the power brake booster would fit under the floorboard. I’m looking forward to getting on the road.

           Thanks so much for this site. It has been a great resource. And thanks to all of the others who post on the Stovebolt Page. I’ve learned a lot! I seem to be looking at Stovebolt more than eBay.

           I really like this. I hope this has settled my affliction, somewhat.




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