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1956 Chevy 3100

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02 March 2007
# 1857

From David :

           Hello from Argentina. First, sorry but my English it's not good. I have one Chevy truck 1956 with Stovebolt 6 cylinder. For all you -- a big salutation and photos! Here's a good shot of the engine. And here's one from the side view.

           For two years I have it. She is beautiful. My 1956 Chevy. I am restoring it a little. Already I have re-conditioned the engine. The cabin is of fiberglass of epoch and these mudguards also. Someone can say to me "Where from they come?" The Stovebolt is not common in Argentina since here hacian with other engines.

           I want to leave original if possible -- though some special touches to make her unique. Probably in a couple of years, finish it. Someone of all you saying which is the best way to be able to lower it to the evenness of the floor but supporting the original front wheel assembly? Again, sorry for my English is that not so well like to explain all that, and I used a translator on line.

           Well, I hope that they enjoy it. Your web site certainly is excellent! A few years ago, I was living in Miami ... fabulous years! Fell in love with a Dodge Charger of ' 69, but that is another history.


David Pistan

           Wasn't sure about some of the editing / language corrections. If anything needs changed, just let me know. Welcome to The Stovebolt Page! ~~ Editor

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