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1970 GMC 3/4-Ton Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Don Pipe
"D R Pipe"
Bolter # 26196
High River, Alberta

04 October 2010
# 2826

From Don :

Hello to Stovebolters everywhere from High River, Alberta, Canada!

I've attached a few shots of my 1970 GMC 3/4-ton truck. I've owned this vehicle from about 1976. Don't really remember the exact year any more, doesn't matter anyway.

I purchased the old GMC from my Father when he decided to sell it and the original Alaskan Camper he hauled around. Bought both. Three years ago I finally sold the camper. Just didn't see the need anymore. Besides hotels tend to be a whole lot more comfortable.

As you can tell, this truck had some work done to in the last few years. Notably the paint which, due to lack of indoor space, the truck remained outside and faded very badly over the years. That, plus the usual (and not) minor scraps and dents. Hired a local guy to do that. I've got a good eye (Graphics Designer by trade), but I'm a long way from being a body guy or mechanic.

The truck is almost totally original. Glass, engine, upholstery, all that stuff. Of course, brakes and the usual maintenance requirements have been done.

The one major part replacement was the hood. Once the body guy got the paint off, he discovered serious hail damage and a major repair to the driver's side. The things you find out. Kept looking a little more and it appears the truck had run into something before in came to us. Been repaired of course, but a better job could have been done. Some stuff, like the clutch adjustment rod, was broken and put back. Of course, now it's a little on the short side so I need to have one built as I've had no luck finding one.

Can you believe it the mileage is dead accurate (44,617.0). I'm a commuter, and that 350 was just shrinking the wallet a little too much when the kids came along. So the truck became a lumber and trips to the dump and bringing home the Christmas tree vehicle. Now that the bed wood was replaced, my significant other won't allow me to make the dump runs in it anymore. That's maybe a good thing.

I vowed to re-do the truck once I had a place to store it out of the weather. Solved that a few years back and then it was the search for the body guy. That took a while of course, but finally got that done. Last summer (2009), with the help of my Brother-in-law (a mechanic by the way), we removed, cleaned, and repainted the engine and put 'er back in.

The only issues now are putting the GMC hood back on (keep forgetting that detail) and the 30 year old tires and those damn split rims. No one wants to even put air in those anymore -- not that I blame anyone for rejecting a death wish of course. So, now the hunt is on for normal rims. Lucked out in the beginning and found two, but those others are still out there somewhere. Anyone reading this and wishes to dispose of a couple, send me message, we'll work it out.

In the mean time, as winter is creeping ever closer, it's time to retire the truck to her dedicated space and looking forward to rebirth in the spring.

Thanks for lending your eyes to my story.

Don Pipe

p.s. Appreciate all the great work that everyone involved contributes to keep this site going! Thanks! -- D.


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