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A Cool Old Truck

Phillip Pierce's

1951 GMC 9300

<<< Phil sold this truck in 2003 when he bought a 1952 GMC. If the new owner would like to contact us about this truck, we can update this history page about the truck and it's new owners ... and what it's been up to all these years! Thanks ~ Editor >>>

09 August 2001

From Phil:

           My wife and I would love to see our truck on your web site. Here is our old truck story:

           I have always wanted to have an "Advance Design" truck that was in decent shape for some time and after talking it over with my wife we decided to start the old truck search. I have always liked GMC trucks but found that they we hard to come by in the condition and price range that I could afford. I looked around on the internet and found this gem resting in Lexington, Kentucky (good place -- editor) and called the owner and we struck a deal. We rented a truck and trailer and headed out to hopefully seal the purchase.

           When we arrived we both were very surprised on how the great the GMC looked and that for the most part everything was in working order. After taking care of the money aspect, we loaded and up to take him home. Since then it has been very fun and a great learning experience for the both of us. I have learned to have patience in figuring out how to work on the truck and my wife has learned that parts and materials can be expensive!

           We have replaced the tires with new ones from "Coker." I had the wheels painted and polished the hub caps, replaced the funny looking backwards wired trailer tail lamps with original styled ones from Jim Carter, and just recently replaced the tired and rusty exhaust system. This truck has Chevy 235 instead of the GMC 228 because that is what the plant in Canada used, and it runs great. Other than a lot of cleaning and polishing the truck is the same as when we I purchsed it a year ago.

           I look forward to driving and enjoying the truck as much as possible. A new wire harness is in the future and who knows what may come after that!

Phillip & Kirsten Pierce Jr.
Trkn' GMC
Fairfax, Virginia

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