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A Cool Old Truck

Mike Pierce's

1946 1 1/2-Ton Chevy Water Truck

04 May 2004

From Mike:

     I just aquired this lovely old Interium 1946 1.5-ton water truck. It had been sitting since 1964. Complete except for an air cleaner and hood. The ID plate says it was made in Los Angles, CA in April of 1946, #2332 off the assembly line.

     Fluids checked good. I am in process of gathering information and am planning to restore it. Your website has been a wealth of information. Here's her picture. She's about the prettiest thing I've seen!

     My wife and I live out in Inyokern, and have a collection of old tractors and trucks and other relics that I've rescued from the desert.

Michael D. Pierce
China Lake, CA

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