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AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.

See more 1941-1947 Trucks

Art Deco
The Victory Trucks

25 September 2012
# 2976

  Owned by
Kyle Pierce
Bolter # 7807
East Lyme, Connecticut

1946 1-Ton Chevy


More pictures (and video!) of my old truck

Join the discussion about this truck


From Kyle :

I bought John Branch's 1946 Chevy 1-ton truck in the fall of 2010 (see the truck's early history below ~ Editor). Soon afterwards (November), we moved from Missouri to Connecticut. I trailered the old truck to Connecticut, fully loaded with the things the moving company wouldn't transport (pet chickens and rabbits!).

Since we arrived at its new home in winter, I didn't have a chance to work on the truck. Also, the truck sits sideways in the front of the garage.

When I got the truck from John, it hadn't been worked on by him other than the radiator being re-cored.  He had all the front sheet metal off. I had to re-wire the truck in the engine compartment. Not much to do really, to get it started. Basically, it was fine when we bought it.

So over that winter, I had the time to get the engine running again (easy). I acquired new fenders, running boards, some sheet metal and a bunch of spare parts.

We ran the truck in the garage a few times during the winter, using a jerrycan as a gas tank.

By summer, I was able to free the rear brake drum so we could push it out of the garage.  I have been driving it around the yard a few times -- without brakes.

Here's a video to see me bringing the old truck out of hibernation! (This is a great video - cool effects and a neat Chevrolet song -- watch that old engine turn over! Impressive ... ya gotta see it! ~ Editor) We took the truck out a second time when my brother came to visit.

Besides this 1-ton, we still have the 1946 Chevrolet 3/4-ton ... we just haven't been able to part with it yet. And we picked up an old Ford Model T locally in CT. It was fully restored. It was just a matter of getting the right title for CT to get it on the road. We just recently got that done and are having fun driving it around..

It may take another few years to get the 1-ton road worthy. Our plan is to make a fun truck to drive; not something for show..

As you may have noticed in the video, the kids help out and have fun with the old trucks. We let them drive around the yard here.

I almost had the chance to meet you and fellow Stovebolters at the Reunion in Kansas City a few years back. Kevin "MO2cyl" Boswell was a good friend and close neighbor of mine in Missouri. He invited me along for the weekend but with a large family, it is hard to get a way that long. I was going to help him with some of his old trucks, engine and John Deere tractors but but never got the chance before we left. Kevin is a great guy!

Keep up the great work!




Well, Kyle congrats on the Stovebolt collection addition. You may have missed us in Kansas City, but now that you've moved to the East Coast, you certainly can cruise on down the road and join us at the Homecoming at Stovebolt HQ in the Spring! ~ Editor

A man of Chevrolet forty-sixes! Kyle has a 1946 Chevrolet 1-ton that he pulled out of hibernation. He's had a 1946 3/4-ton Chevrolet Stake Bed on our site for some time. And for a lot of grins, he has a 1926 Ford Model TT!

Besides checking the Gallery links, check out his Photobucket link which includes some really awesome video! Here is the 1-ton; and here is the 3/4-ton. The trucks are lined up with his tractor!


08 December 2001

From John:

A dandy 1946 1-ton old truck bought from the original owner who was a bricklayer in St Louis, Missouri. He used the truck everyday until 1972. In that year, he bought a new truck and backed this one into his shed. There he jacked it up, took off the wheels, and placed it on blocks.

I bought it the same day he put it up for sale. He periodically turned the engine over to keep it from seizing.

I am anxious to get this jewel back on the road to say the least. Hopefully, I will do a complete restoration to its original condition. I get goose bumps just sitting in the driver's seat thinking of getting this baby rolling again!

This truck is a restorers dream come true! I can't wait till this baby is rolling with me behind the wheel!!!

John Branch
St Louis, MO


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