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A Cool Old Truck

Ben Pichardo's

1965 Chevy Longbed

14 September  03  UPDATE

From Ben

Well here are my long awaited pictures of my Chevy. 

Hi my name is Ben Pichardo and I live in the hot desert of Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is my purty little red truck, I bought this truck at a public auction for $127 big ones as you see in the previous photos that I submitted the first time.  She drove home, just barely running on only two spark plugs and a gas tank with a rust, sand and gas mixture. But I fell in love with this truck since that day. It has the original 292 but now has a 4speed SM420, instead of the ' ol three on the tree. 

Surprisingly she came with power steering and it works fine too. The engine and gas tank have been worked on and obviously the truck has been painted.

There are only a few things left to do like change out the 4.11 rear end for a 3.73, and upholstery. Well I hope you like the new picturess.




Curator "Ben - Thanks for the update - no shortage of work on that old girl, nice job!"


08 February 2002

From Biggy:

       Hey all you Chevy fans of the sixties! I just love your website.

       This is the first time I have put a picture of my truck. It's a 1965 long bed with 292 and factory power steering which I think is rare.

       Well, hopefully I'll send some more recent photos.


Ben Pichardo

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