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1947.1 Chevy 2-Ton Flatbed

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26 February 2007
# 1849

From Stan :

           Here are some pictures of my 2-ton Chevy flatbed. I called it a 1946 but it is actually titled as a 1947. It seems that few people know that in 1947 Chevrolet started out with this body style till about March when the dies for the new post-war body style were complete. They're not even called a "first style 47."

           I posted my question about the "year" in the Big Bolts forum and got good help. The VIN is 21pw-k 8115 which means, it was built at the plant in Janesville, Wisconsin (21); it is a 2 ton 160 in wheel base (pw) so it is a long box 2ed run. The next digit is the mounth it was made. In this case "k" represents the 11th month -- November. The "8115" is the the proudction number of the truck. This was the 8115th truck built of 8463 for that run in 1946. It may have been sold in 1947 but for sure, it's is part of the 1947 First Series production.

           I came upon this vehicle by chance, I wasn't really looking for this particular style of truck but I'm glad I found it. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Because of the excellent shape it was in, I had to go out and find very little to restore it. The interior was even in great shape. That made it worth while. As I'm sure many of you know, it can be very costly finding the right items to complete your restoration.

           So here it sits and on to another restoration I go, which at the present is a '65 Suburban 4 x 4. I just love those Chevrolet trucks and can't seem to get enough!

Stan Peterson
Bolter # 1669
Everett, Washington

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