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A Cool Old Truck

Jared Peterson's

1969 C10 4x2

15 September 2001

From Jared:

    I bought this truck when I was 15 years old for $450. When I bought it, it had no grille, heater controls, tailgate or radio. It also had a 250 cid straight six.

    Since then I have added the '69 grille, the heater controls, a used tailgate from a junkyard, and a Pioneer CD deck with a 10 disc changer. I have also added the bowtie hood emblem, the C10 and 8/350 fender emblems, a new front chrome bumper, a 350 bored .040" over, with a Crane Cam and flat top pitons. It has a muncie four speed, and an open dif corporate 12 bolt, both of which are soon to be changed. I have a New Process NV4500 five speed out of a '95 Chevy, and an eaton posi waiting to go in.

    I still have many plans for this truck. I really want to get it painted, and I want to do the interior, and after I put the 5 speed in, I would like to add cruise control.

    For all you Chevy Truck fans, keep on Truckin.


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